Fixed & Varifocal


  • 2.8mm Fixed Lens
  • 4mm Fixed Lens
  • 6mm Fixed Lens


  • Varifocal
  • 3.5 - 8mm
  • 1/3
  • Auto Iris


  • Varifocal

  • 5 - 50mm

  • 1/3

  • Auto Iris


  • Varifocal

  • 5 - 100mm

  • 1/3

  • Auto Iris

$ Call

Lenses and Field of View Chart

   Power Supplies, Power Boxes, & Power Converters

Single Power Supplies
iLinkPS12D7 12V DC Flex light weight / 750mA $ 3.50/ea


Distributed ac / dc Power Supplies
iAC-8CamPS AC 8 Ports Power Box  $ 65/ea
iAC-16CamPS AC 16 Ports Power Box  $ 95/ea
iDC-8CamPS DC 8 Ports Power Box  $ 75/ea
iDC-16CamPS DC 16 Ports Power Box  $ 125/ea

Power Converter
iC24V12V 24VAC to 12VDC Converter  $ 14/ea


Power/Surge Protector & Power Backup

iTris6tel 7 Outlets 6ft Tel/Modem Surge Protector  $ 15/ea
iUPS350 3 Surge / 3 Battery-Surge UPS (6 Outlet)  $ 45/ea

Cables / Housing

Coax Siamese, Video/Audio,  Power, Spool, & VGA Cables
iCoax65 65ft Siamese w/ BNC & Power Supply 750mA  $ 30/ea
iCoax150 150ft Siamese w/BNC & Power Supply 750mA  $ 50/ea
iRCA65 65ft A/V w/ BNC & Power Supply 750mA  $ 20/ea
iRCA150 150ft A/V w/BNC & Power Supply 750mA  $ 45/ea
iC500SC 500ft Siamese w/ Two18g Power Wires  $ 98/ea
iC1000SC 1000ft Siamese w/ Two 18g Power Wires  $ 195/ea
iVGAC50 50ft VGA Ext. Cable  $ 49/ea
iVGAC100 100ft VGA Ext. Cable  $ 59/ea

(A/V Cable Black)

Outdoor Housing
iLinkOHAB Standard Outdoor w/ Bracket
avional 254x64x58mm
$ Call/ea
  w/Heater & Blower $ Call/ea

Connectors & Converters

iBNCC Crimp on BNC Connector  $ 1.50/ea

   DVI to VGA Adapter Analog DVI-M/HDDB15F
iBNCT Twist on BNC Connector  $ 1.50/ea
iBNCRCA BNC - RCA Male Adaptor  $ 1.50/ea
iTBNC T-Connector (two female to one male)  $ 1.50/ea
iCPP Crimp-On CCTV Camera Power Plug  $ 2.00/ea
AD11M60 DVI Male to VGA Female Adaptor  $ 14/ea
iVBBNCUTP Video Balun - BNC Male to UTP RJ45F  $ 20/ea
iVAmp Video Amplifier (BNC)  $ 65/ea
iC485-232 RS485 to RS232 Converter  $ 45/ea  
iQC4P 4 Port Quad Color Processor w/ PS  $135/ea

Microphone & POS Text Inserter

iMic  Amplified Microphone  $ 35/ea
iLinkTI  POS Text Overlay w/ Cables  $ 525/ea

TV & TV/LCD Mounts

TV19 19" or 20" Color TV  $ 125/ea
iCM1421 TV Ceiling Mount 14" - 21"  $ 65/ea
iWM1421 TV Wall Mount 14" - 21"  $ 65/ea
iCM2029 TV Ceiling Mount 20" - 29"  $ 75/ea
iWM2029 TV Wall Mount 20" - 29"  $ 75/ea
iCMLCD1719 LCD Ceiling Mount 17" - 19"  $ 89/ea

* Prices listed above are based on USA Currency/Dollar
* Specification are subject to change without prior notice


Hereís what our customers are saying...

This is the best thing I couldíve done to see whatís really happening at my store  while Iím away.
Thank you - Thank you - Thank you!

Greg, Pro Image

We are thrilled to be able to dial-in and see our back docking bay. It was one of our most vulnerable areas of product loss.

Sam H.,
Dolloar Store Wholesale

We installed an unobtrusive camera above our cash register. We now see a clear difference in monthly revenues.

Burt C,
Philly Connection

I do a lot of traveling... There is an alarm on the house where police are notified if an intruder is detected. But now I have an added peace of mind to know that I can simply dial-in and see the interior of my house. It was well worth the investment. Iím glad you found me.

H. Harrison, Consultant















































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