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System Features

Remote Surveillance



Your Choice





Computer CPU
















Connecting Cables












Tech Support




Live Customer Service




Ongoing Maintenance




1-Year Warranty




15-Day Money-Back Guarantee




Easy Software Settings / Programming




Backup from multiple locations




User Access Restrictions




CDR, Zip, DVD, Video transfer capability








Auto Camera Motion Detection




Easy camera add-ons




Configurable to existing system




Variety of camera selections




Variety of computer selections








Alarm Relay to Pager / Mobile Phone / Telephone




Full and complete playback controls




Log File Management




Remote Access through Internet




View Access through standard web browsers




Built in HTTP server




Configurable trigger for each camera




Multiple detection zone ability




Simultaneous record and playback function




Schedule Backup by Hour / Day/ Week/ Month




Service and Options




Are costs competitive




Better Picture quality than video




Better price than video




Here’s what our customers are saying...

This is the best thing I could’ve done to see what’s really happening at my store  while I’m away.
Thank you - Thank you - Thank you!

Greg, Pro Image

We are thrilled to be able to dial-in and see our back docking bay. It was one of our most vulnerable areas of product loss.

Sam H.,
Dolloar Store Wholesale

We installed an unobtrusive camera above our cash register. We now see a clear difference in monthly revenues.

Burt C,
Philly Connection

I do a lot of traveling... There is an alarm on the house where police are notified if an intruder is detected. But now I have an added peace of mind to know that I can simply dial-in and see the interior of my house. It was well worth the investment. I’m glad you found me.

H. Harrison, Consultant

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