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In order to view the live demo, your internet explorer might need the following adjustment.
In the tool bar at the top of the page, click on "Tools." Next, click on "Internet Options" then on "Security." Now click on "Custom Settings," whch can be found near the bottom of the section that you just opened. This will open a screen which displays your "Active X" settings. You now need to go down the list and set first three options to "Enable." Now click "OK" and return to the Internet Explorer. Select a demo by clicking on the text. You may be prompted to download a file for the MPEG4; click "Agree" or "Yes" and in just a few short seconds you will be experiencing one of the Best & Easiest DVR Systems with iLinkEye Cameras on the market today!

iLinkEye Demo 1 (Atlanta -  Seven Cameras) - Down (moving to new office)
Login ID: admin Password: password

iLinkEye Demo 2 (Atlanta - Four Cameras) (Down)
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iLinkEye Demo 3 (Canada - Four Cameras)

iDVS Demo (Atlanta) - Not Always Up
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Hereís what our customers are saying...

This is the best thing I couldíve done to see whatís really happening at my store  while Iím away.
Thank you - Thank you - Thank you!

Greg, Pro Image

We are thrilled to be able to dial-in and see our back docking bay. It was one of our most vulnerable areas of product loss.

Sam H.,
Dolloar Store Wholesale

We installed an unobtrusive camera above our cash register. We now see a clear difference in monthly revenues.

Burt C,
Philly Connection

I do a lot of traveling... There is an alarm on the house where police are notified if an intruder is detected. But now I have an added peace of mind to know that I can simply dial-in and see the interior of my house. It was well worth the investment. Iím glad you found me.

H. Harrison, Consultant

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